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Legislation now under consideration threatens the agency option for homecare in Connecticut.

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Agency Home Care Model in Connecticut

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SB 1051 would create a public registry of all homecare workers in the state.

This would be an unwarranted invasion of privacy, threatening the safety of both caregivers and clients.

  • In the midst of a budget crisis, SB 1051 imposes yet another unnecessary cost on taxpayers and a pointless burden on business.
  • Aside from the privacy concerns, making personal information publicly available on all homecare workers does nothing to help the public find caregivers with the skills and character to provide the best possible service.

HB 7164 would prohibit non-solicitation clauses in caregiver contracts.

This would undermine the agency model. The agency model is the majority choice of clients and their families, because they realize the oversight it provides is critical to quality homecare.

The agency model adds tangible value:

  • Matches the right caregiver with the right client.
  • Provides training, reliability, and accountability.
  • Helps keep seniors in their homes and out of institutions.
  • Is safest and most stable for all parties involved.

These anti-business proposals seriously threaten a vital and growing Connecticut industry.


Click Here to Contact Your Legislator and learn how to get in touch with the people who represent you at the State Capitol. Make sure your legislators know that preserving the agency option is critical to keeping the “care” in Connecticut homecare.